Restoring Lives &
Transforming Generations for Former Foster Youth.

What we do

Our mission is simple... providing hope and love to restore lives and transform generations.
We do this in "covenant" with the community, the faith community, businesses, government, and individuals.

Covenant exists to provide hope and love to current and former foster youth to restore lives and transform generations! We serve and support youth with housing, transitional services, case management, life skills education, vocational services, and much more.

Life Development and Coaching

Covenant believes in the unique ability and potential of each person. The youth we serve were created on purpose and for a purpose. It is our work to help each youth develop their unique potential so that they may add value to their family and the community. THP+ and Building Blocks are transitional housing programs that provide coaching, life skill development, and mentoring. 

Employment and Training

Covenant Coffee was launched in 2008 to mentor, train and employ former foster youth. At Covenant Coffee we train baristas, coffee roasters, food service workers, and mentor in business, life goals, and perosnal development, The purpose is the creation of excellent staff and the provision of great employees to the workforce. We are building lives!


Covenant mentors former foster youth and provides the opportunity for individuals in the community to do the same. The Covenant Horse Program uses horses to teach, train and mentor. The Jeremiah Mentoring Project mentors 18-25 year olds in life skills and personal development. Together, we are adding value to the lives of former foster youth.

Help support our cause

There are many great partners helping Covenant restore lives and transform generations.

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Our Headquarters

Check out the social enterprise of Covenant at the We train, mentor, and employ foster youth in coffee roasting and services and in our coffee house on N Chester. #hopeinacup

Latest In News

by: Turnto23

Covenant Coffee bringing your order straight to your door

Covenant Coffee has taken its operations to the road, bringing coffee to people through a catering truck.