Please use these resources to gain knowledge and understanding.


General Info on Transition and Aging Out of Foster Care

Youth Transition Toolkit - Developed by the United States Department of Education - This toolkit serves to inspire and support youth currently in foster care and young adults who have aged out of care to pursue college and career opportunities. There is a wealth of good information in this large file.


Advocacy and Rights

California Youth Connection - California Youth Connection (CYC) is a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative, policy, and practice change.

California Foster Care Ombudsman Office - Ensure the voice of foster children and youth is heard, and act on their behalf.

Blue Ribbon Project -  The Blue Ribbon Project is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization based in Annapolis, Maryland. We are committed to both the prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and as a support network for survivors of Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Child Sexual Assault.

Register to Vote - register to vote online.

John Burton Foundation - John Burton Advocates for Youth is a statewide non-profit organization based in San Francisco, working to improve the quality of life for California’s foster, former foster, and homeless youth.


Educational Resources

California College Pathways - The focus is supporting foster youth to achieve four important milestones from enrollment to career. The site has tons of useful information

Federal Student Aid Program - You may have heard the term FASFA - this site explains the process and provides an application for federal student aid.

California State University Programs and Services - Comprehensive, holistic support services are available for current or former foster youth in the California State University system.

Chaffee Grant Info - If you are or were in foster care between the ages of 16 and 18 as a dependent or ward of the court and have financial need, you may qualify for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college.


Employment Resources

America's One -Stop Job Center of Kern County - America's Job Center of California (AJCC) is the local One-Stop Center within the County of Kern which serves as the recruitment and training center for local employers and job seekers. AJCC provides basic training courses and also partners with Employers' Training Resource (ETR) for more in-depth training courses.


Community Resources Guide

America's Job Center Kern Resource Directory - this is a valuable source of information for Kern County resources.

211 Directory of Kern County - 211 is a program of Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK), provides comprehensive information and referral services that link Kern County residents to community health and human services and support.

Kern County Department of Human Services Resource Directory - DHS resource guide full of information..


Health and Safety Resources

American Red Cross - This is a short guide on being prepared for disasters or emergencies.

First-Aid Kits - Red Cross Guide on creating a good first aid kit.

California Health Services Guide - Young adults who were in foster care at age 18 or older may be eligible for the Medi-Cal program for former foster youth (FFY) until age 26 regardless of income. Medical Services Flyer

Covered Until 26 - This is a great site for medical extension until you are 26.

Mental Health Bil Of Rights - Goof information on legal rights for care and best practices.

Disaster Preparedness - FEMA plan and documents for creating a family disaster plan.


Parenting and Family

Strengthen Family Relationships - Do you want to build strong developmental relationships in your family? Start with the kist in this link.

20 tried and true tips for new parents - This is an informative and funny help and how-to for new parents


Personal and Interpersonal  Resources

Self-Worth Quiz - This is a shortquiz to help you better understand yourself and the "why" behind who you are and what you do.

Quizzes and More about You - This site if full of great quizzes that help you determine your strengths, personality and provide a varietyof assessment for personal grwoth.

WIRE- Wisconsin  Relationship Education Site - crazy information and great quizzes and helps to launch a successful relationship lifestyle.


Decisions - Decisions - How to make them and why we do!

Why traditions matter  and how to start them.

Planning for great things in your life - plan the work and work the plan!

How to make the most of THP from former participants.

Great Tips to Wow in the Workplace

Communication Skills and Conflict Management

Real Estate and Renter's Rights by Attorney Todd Gall

Dating, Relationships, and Domestic Violence  - presentation by the Kern County Sheriffs Office.

Workshop and Class Videos

Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Job Readiness and Preparation Tips

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Human Trafficking by the Kern County Sheriffs Office April 2017

Bakersfield College Presentation - Tips and Tricks for College

Parenting Basics by Kern County Dept. of Public Health - May 2017

Housing, Renting and Home Ownership by The Russell Group - May 2017

Relationships and Why They Matter - May 2016, Randy Martin

Vision Boards and 90 day Goals - Randy Martin,  April 2017

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Money Matters to Successful Living! June 2017 - Dave Nicholas

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